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Komatsu PC3000-1

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Main switch box X2

Hydraulic Shovels Komatsu PC3000-1
ELECTRIC / Main switch box X2

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Parts scheme Main switch box X2 - Hydraulic Shovels Komatsu PC3000-1 - ELECTRIC | 777parts

List of spare parts

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#Part NoPart NameQty.
189***40Switch cabinet w/o. electr. parts1
276***73Square key 7mm from s/no. 86040 up2
376***73Locking bar10
605***40Socket 2-polig1
732***99Cross connection2
832***40Diode detector3
989***40Protection cap assy2
1049***40Assembly rail 1450 mm2
1165***40Sectional plate10
1232***40Wiring terminal8
1433***99Nut M848
1565***40Breaker 1 A1
1665***40Rail collector Bulk ware, state length required
1735***40Corner angle
1827***40Cable channel ca. 1400 lg. Bulk ware, state length required2
1965***40Breaker 25 A2
2065***40Breaker 16 A12
2165***40Breaker 6 A6
2265***40Breaker 50 A2
2365***40Breaker 10 A2
2465***40Pickup module unit1
2565***40Pickup module unit1
2732***40Socket (11-pol.)10
2832***40Spring retainer10
3059***40Socket with thread joint35
3141***40Spring retainer35
3289***40Power breaker2
3332***40Switch modul EGT 21
3449***40Ground wire - series terminal
3549***40Line divider EFD1
3641***40Detronic EFM (from s/no: 78 074 up)1
3832***40Switch modul (applies to KTTA-engine only)1
3963***40Connection cable to fig-nos. 43,441
4089***40Cable V 24 10,1 m1
4132***40Sectional plate ca. 500 lg. Bulk ware, state length required12
4232***40Cover BN 25 ca. 800 Bulk ware, state length required
4365***40Cable channel ca. 800mm Bulk ware, state length required1
4465***40Cover 40 BN Bulk ware, state length required
4549***40Series terminal with diode, red1
4689***40Measuring transducer1
5049***40Main supply unit EPM1
5260***40Engine RPM transmitter1
5365***40Time lag relay4
5489***40Time lag relay6
5565***40Wiper relay3
5635***40Twin terminal
5735***40Cover plate
5946***40Cover plate
6035***40Cover plate
6135***40Series terminal M 10/10
6235***40Series terminal M 16/12
6332***40Sleeve marker50
6432***40Sleeve marker50
6527***40Sleeve marker50
6632***40Sleeve marker50
6799***73Marking strips - set1
6851***40Cable 1x8000 lg. Bulk ware, state length required
6947***99Cable 6,0 bl Bulk ware, state length required
7035***40Cross connection 2-fold10
7135***40Cross connection QV 310
7235***40Cross connection 4-fold10
7335***40Cross connection 10-fold10
7435***40Cross connection QV 1010
7535***40Cross connection 4-fold10
7635***40Cross connection QV 1010
7865***40Cable union, straight DN 10, gerade4
7965***40Cable union, straight DN 12 gerade2
8065***40Cable union DN 173
8165***40Cable union DN 236
8265***40Cable union DN 361
8365***40Dust cap1
8557***40Clamp M35/16
8635***40Series terminal M 16/12
8735***40Cover plate
8851***40Cable 16 qmm Bulk ware, state length required
8965***40Cable union DN 291
9049***40Cross connection QL 2
9190***40Harness assy. V241
9390***40Pulse relay1
9551***98Resilient sleeve 13/25x504

Main switch box X2 - Hydraulic Shovels Komatsu PC3000-1 - ELECTRIC | 777parts

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